2019 Hilton Head Concours 'd Elegance

My 150 was invited to this years Hilton Head concours. They had a special showing of Jaguars (19 in all) including Marriot’s georgous C-Type. The black 140 was Clark Gable’s

Pat H.


Weren’t all XKs, at one time, owned by Clark Gable?

Kinda like all Duesenbergs were once owned by Gary Cooper.


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Odd… surely the show depicted is a concours d’état, not a concours d’élégance?

Pat, I see a black 120: am I missing the 140?

He must have owned at least 2 120’s. A standard with white steering wheel, and an SE.

I see 3 eared spinners on the Gable SE.

Congratulations. Nice to be recognized.

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My mistype. It is a 120 and yes, this is the realmckoy

Pat H

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Not Gable’s first 120, 670003.
His second one, 672282, was reported to be restored in 2013 by Georg Donni of Switzerland in Battleship Grey with red interior.

If you believed all the stories of XK’s owned by Gable there would be a dozen cars!
Is the black car that had the hardtop in fact no it was fawn so I would be very doubtful that this black car is an ex Gable car short of seeing a heritage certificate with Gables name on it!

I talked to the owner briefly. He said he bought the car off the lawn at Pebble Beach so I doubt it’s a fake. I can only guess what Marriot’s C-Type is worth

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whether he brought it from my front lawn or pebble beach lawn makes no difference it still needs real verification that it is yet another of Gable dozen or so XK’s !!!
There is only actually one XK120 totally provable as being a Gable car that is [MDU420] pictured above ie we know the chassis number. His alloy car the chassis number is only guessed by process of elimibation.
I do have photos of Gable sitting in 3 different alloy 120’s one his own, one the Indianapolis museum car. The third guessing borrowed for movie launch.

what is the story on the Marriot’s C-Type ?
You don’t find to many genuine C types sporting chrome wire wheels!!
Union Jack badges on the side
modern disc brakes
cheap replica aeroscreens.
Almost certainly a replica car probably with alloy body

Attached is the placard displayed with the car. Says this was Gable’s 3rd out of 7.

XK120SE.pdf (816 KB)

Here is the placard displayed with the car. Delivered new in 1953 in Morroco.

C-Type.pdf (428 KB)

how bout the Road and Track article written (maybe) by him…and republished in Road and Track on Jaguar…with a photo…even so…to sit in, stand by…a car…is not to “own” it…(wish it were so…at the Concours !!)…clark%20gables%20670003

and then there is Van Johnson… …and Mamie Van Dorengable120

Doesn’t she know those doors are aluminum?

and you failed to notice the bonnet color…or much of anything else…

it would be interesting…to attempt to create a list …of all first buyer-owners of XK120s…with or without particulars of which car ID.

My heritage certificate shows my first buyer, J.H. Gould in CA. Maybe they’re pretty much all known?