205/70-15 tires Fitting in the Boot

Recall the earlier topic concerning fitting 205/70-15 tires on 6" wheels in the boot? I did some experimenting and am reporting back.

My 5 tires are 205/70-15 Dunlop Signature IIs. The spare is on the factory 5" wheel, the road tires are on 6" Daytons. Inflation pressure is 32 psi.

The spare fits just fine, the vinyl covered plywood panel fits without interference and the hold down device engages the threaded fixture in the boot floor. I measured the max section width of the spare on the 5" wheel, it’s 7.75"

I tried the 6" wheel and tire in the boot. There were problems. The vinyl covered plywood panel does not fit without interference and the hold down device does not engage the threaded fixture in the boot floor. It was close but did not fit. I measured the max section width of the spare on the 6" wheel, it’s 8.25.

Perhaps the 6" tire mounted on a 6" wheel would fit if it were deflated. Of course, that would entail carrying something to inflate the tire should the need arise to use it.

I’m running the same size tires on 6 inch wheels and have a 185 on 5 inch wheel in the boot.

Yep, the previous owner of my old car bought a full set of five 15x6 Daytons, and fitted them with expensive 205 Avon Turbospeed tires, and one of them always had to stay in the garage.

On my 70’ FHC the 205/70 spare 6" wheel fits fine. I did have to fabricate a new bolt.
The wheel is non wire, maybe a difference in depth?

We had the “mini-Lites”, so not apples to apples, but ran Goodyear 205/70 15’s. I made perimeter shims and felt for the plywood. It only took maybe 3/8ths of an inch or so (maybe less) to get the plywood secure. The factory bolt fit - again, these were ‘mini-lites’. Did the fuel tank cover the same to match. It wasn’t real noticeable, but a keen eye would see the rexine (or whatever it was called on earlier cars) had a small step in it. Actually I think the fuel tank plywood benefited as the fuel connection was pretty hard against the wood if I recall. When the wood was removed the extra height around the edge wasn’t noticeable except to a real detective.
If I recall I had to shim that clip like piece that hooks on the edge also. I also think later cars had different plywood or a different split in the ‘rexine’ interior material. Also, this was a FHC,
Wheels 15x6, offset, I believe, was ~23mm.

That’s about what I estimate I saw as interference with the 6" wheel when I tried it yesterday.