235/60/15 Tyres

Hi all, I’m contemplating trying this size tyre on my 15 inch rims,has anyone tried this size, thanks.

Gordon …

I’m running 225/60/16 tires and they just barely fit, A little rub in the front now and then. Of course they’re 16 not 15.

Why not try this tire size calculator …


Thanks Grooveman, looks like a good match, the 235/60s are more readily available,I have a set of white lettering Hercules that might be the go.:+1:

Gordon …

I’d still be a little concerned about the 235’s. Because of the increased width you may have rubbing on the front tires going lock to lock.

Yes, I will check current clearance before forking out the $, I bought the car with 215s on, factory originals are 225 so will see if these are still easily available. thanks.the spare is the original 225 Pirelli.


Why not fit the correct original tyres?


Pirelli have recently made them again. they are avaialbe through the specialist tyre dealers

So in Aus https://www.cinturato.net/classic-tyres-australia.html

In the US https://www.cinturato.net/classic-tires-usa.html

Thanks, I’ll check them out.