3.0L AWD Brake Failure

(XJScharlie) #1

Hello Folks,
My 2001 3.0L AWD has brake failure in that the pedal goes down to the floor. On switching off the engine and pumping the pedal it recovers and goes hard; on restarting the engine the pedal goes to the floor again. Wondered if anyone has had a similar problem? Any advice welcome. Thanx in anticipation.


(Grahame Loader) #2

Sounds like a problem in the brake booster. If it was a broken brake hose, the softness would be independent of the engine being on. Have you checked the reservoir to see if you are loosing brake fluid?

(XJScharlie) #3

Thanx Grahame,

With the engine off on pressing the pedal it descended very slowly to almost full depression. It turned out to be a crack in the front LH pipe from the flexy to the distribution union; took some finding but it was a bit of a relief to determine the problem. It pays to check the system carefully before throwing money at it. Rgds… Charlie.