3.4 Xk 120 block preferably F prefix

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Description: wanted- 3.4L late Xk 120 block preferably F prefix. Must be unmolested with no welds. Bare Ok but preferably with main caps and timing cover. Complete Ok. Tell me what you have

B prefix MK7 block also considered

Location: needs to go to UK

Contact information: mwalker@marshallwalker.com

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I’ve got a 1954 xk120 block without a head W-7817-8, can be turned over. Cylinders look ok the last time I looked, but it’s been awhile. Has crankcase and flywheel, timing bits. I don’t think it’s had any welding, and there are no obvious cracks. It’s dirty.

I likely have an early head that might work, although not sure what kind of shape it’s in. my notes say it’s A-6955-8 and that it has no front valve cover studs. I have one studless valve cover. Then there is an xk150 head V-5842-8, but it has damage from a dropped valve and is missing some cam caps. I have some other heads, but I think they are all later. The earliest is KE1025-8, should be Mk1.
let me know if you have any interest.