3.5 DHC at auction

(Francis Thibaud) #1

(Ed Nantes) #2

It’s a nice looking car especially the interior seems very sympathetic.
Looking at comments on the site, hope seems alive and well especially the gentleman bidding $5000. But also who ever designed the seat belt mountings.
And interesting to read the invoice for the engine rebuild. One wonders if one is doing a complete engine rebuild, why only one core plug was replaced " $5.95" I would have said ’ hang the expense, do them all"
I notice that since the original B&W pictures it has lost the original Radiomobile 100 wireless shown then.

(Robin O'Connor) #3

$5.95 was for a set of core plugs Ed.

(Ed Nantes) #4

[quote=“Robin_O_Connor, post:3, topic:370104, full:true”]
$5.95 was for a set of core plugs Ed.
oops! The trim is very nice. but there are a few puzzling items, Why the large more modern SU pumps. Why the insulation on the under side of the bonnet tops… but not on the firewall. I can’t see the advantage in keeping the heat under the bonnet. And philips head screws in abundance, plain glass headlamp lenses…The boot interior has been left in it’s original black and foam rubber inside the tool tray lid… all easy stuff to fix though… Even the two tone paint looks attractive although Jaguar were very specific that custom paint finishes would not be supplied.

(Ed Nantes) #5

And I wonder why having done so much , they forgot tp chrome plate the door trim strips,?

(Peter Scott) #6

Ed, Perhaps the unchromed door strips are deliberate? A bit like the pick-up here where they remove all the rust, paint it then paint on fake rust!

But I think you are slipping. You didn’t mention the odd exhaust system that only has two boxes, no flexy and some sort of balance pipe. Not to mention two SS wheels and the heater blower warning light label upside down.

Peter :wink:

(Ed Nantes) #7

Peter , I didn’t want to appear pedantic by also pointing out the black firewall ad no clear lense section in the tail lamps for the reverse lamp or the round tail pipes.
I did admire the cleanliness of the sump.

(Rob Reilly) #8

Maybe they’re made of wood like the one on my LR door. :rofl:

(Paul Wigton) #9

… wait till they put oil in it…:grimacing:

(Ron Laurie) #10

High bid $82,000 - reserve not met.


(Ed Nantes) #11

Realistically its worth more than that

(Ron Laurie) #12

Indeed Ed, probably around 125-150K US.

(Paul Wigton) #13

This is an extension of the thread about collectors aging out: It’s likely worth that much, to an ever-diminishing number of old farts.