3.6s in the U.S

Found out from a local friend earlier today who knows my thing for the XJS that there is someone near me who has a pre-face lift coupe for sale. He emailed me some pics of it, and it’s nice, although the Euro headlights on a pre-face lift kinda threw me off at first. It also has a sunroof, which, IIRC, N.A. models did not. The last shot showed the backside of the car, and it is badged “3.6”. :confused: I guess I knew Jag made some 3.6 European models in the XJ40 line (and or X-300?), but didn’t think they did so with the XJS. Upon further inquiry, turns out the owner (a lady) had it originally brought over from Germany. I have to admit it is in very nice cosmetic shape (bright red paint, btw), although it has around 130K on it (not sure if those are kilos or miles). IMHO, she’s asking a pretty high sum for it, in the neighborhood of $14K or so. :open_mouth:

As her “for sale” sign on the car reads, “rare model”, but I’m thinking in this case that = trouble, as I wonder how hard it would be to get new parts for a 3.6’s drive train here in the U.S. :thinking: (and no, I’m not interested in buying it, just curious about that matter).

If interested, I have a German market XJ-SC 3.6/five speed cabriolet for sale. Presentable, solid, runs and drives. Really needs a cosmetic restoration. 90K miles. Many spare parts from parting an 88 V12 car. 31six 77six 00six5

Hmmmm … I wonder then whether her car is really an XJ-SC instead (Cabriolet) w. manual trans. Would it be badged on the rear as an “XJ-SC”, or just show “XJ-S”? :confused:

Actually 3.6 is your best option… as long as it have 9CU ignition on board. What year is the banger in your interest?

It would be XJ-SC rather than XJ-S. $8K for mine. Could deliver to Dallas for expenses (would drive it down if you don’t want the spare parts. Trailer it down if you do). If interested, gimme a call for particulars (like AC doesn’t work, seats are coffee stained, & much recent maintenance). Photos below.

31six 77six 00six5

Simply check if it has MAF sensor installed (3.6) after the air filter. If so - go for it! You will be happy bunny all the way, regardless of mileage.

In all the books it is said that there were no 3.6 imported officially (by Jaguar) to the States. Only a handful privately.
However I found one such privately imported 3.6 coupe (1986). It says on a metal plate in the door jamb: imported by Norman C. Roberts.
Car is in good condition, has had a quality respray once in the original Sage Green. Only the seats lets it down a bit but I think I can repair them.

Would love to hear more about 3.6 in the USA. Or about Norman C. Roberts - a quick Google search did not come up with anything like imports or Jaguar.

Do not let scarcity of 3.6 drive train parts make you stop buying the car. First XJ40 (ie. XJ6 from 1988 until around 1991) all had the same 3.6 engine and box.

But a different EFI system. And the early EFI in those 3.6’s had some issues. I’ve sometimes wondered if it wouldn’t be worthwhile to update the car to the later EFI from an early XJ40.

Scaci-what??? There are no.1 gearboxes in terms of parts availability (auto ZF4HP22). They were mounting them in every BMW from 80s… Germans can’t be wrong…

Latest ECU - 9CU. Honestly - no problems at all. Just pour petrol and drive. Adding the fact that it has no CAT/lambda… Thtat’s the greatest advantage.