3.8 Block STD Bores $350.00

Description: For sale is a 3.8 block from a spare engine that came with my mk2 project. I believe it was a mk9 block. Its in good condition overall and comes with main caps. Otherwise it’s bare.
Probably should be bored as there’s a spot of pitting un number 3 cylinder bore (see picture).
The bores are standard size. No cracks or damage I could find. It was lubricated with lithium grease so if you see streaking in the cylinders, that’s what it is. Buyer pays freight or local pickup. Was $500.00 now $350.00.

I may have a 3.8 crankshaft and other bits coming up available soon.

Location: USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): Paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?no

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MK VII’s were not 3.8L, they are 3.4L

That’s what the previous owner wrote on other parts. I dont follow those sedans. Sorry. Probably mk9 then.

I looked up engine number its a mk9

$300.00 ? Or I’ll pack it away and keep it.

Where are you located? I.e.which Rockford?

Yes Rockford IL. Let me know if you have any other questions.