3.8 Brake Fluid Reservoirs

The caps on my brake fluid reservoirs are pretty much used up - the threaded aluminum are crimped into the plastic cap/float assembly, and those crimps have come un-done, and small pieces have fatigued and broken off. So, I need new caps.

I have round bottles, if that makes a difference. Not sure if round is correct or not, but I’m not fussy about originality.

What is the quality of replacement caps available these days? I know the replacement bottles have a long history of poor quality. Are the caps sold by SNG any good?

Ray L.

I think I have a few off my parts Rovers, worse come to worst.

Yes the Sovy repro caps are good quality and I have never had an issue with them (unlike the bottles!). The bottles changed from round to square in July 1962 but the repro caps will fit either. Get the black ones as they would be original style for the car. Later caps were white but they are mechanically the same.

The full saga of the S1 3.8 bottle caps is documented here: http://forum.etypeuk.com/viewtopic.php?p=119952#p119952

Quite a story!