3.8 engine lost 2l of oil from full - did I damage the engine

So the last mechanic to work on the car (MK2 3.8 MOD) forgot to tighten the oil filter :roll_eyes: and I lost a bunch of oil as a result.

It was full to the top of the mark on the dipstick when I first got it back from the mechanic and needed 2L of oil to top it up today after noticing the issue.

How likely is it the engine is damaged as a result?

Not particularly likely, especially if you did not lose oil pressure.

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Mr Wiggles that is the best news I have had all week! thanks :slight_smile:

badly needed some good news, it’s been one of those weeks and it’s only Tues afternoon

Welcome! I had a customer who loved changing his own oil on his E Type: After he left, I got a call from him about 5 minutes later, asking, “Could you come to XXXXXX, bring a wrench and a few quarts of oil?”

I was able to follow the trail of oil, directly to his location. He’d forgotten to put the o-ring under the filter canister…!

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oops, easily done though.

can’t wait to move to a new house with room for a pneumatic lift in the garage so I can take care of a lot of the work myself, if you want something done right…