3.8 Engine Rebuilt

Description: This is a rebuilt 3.8 engine that I removed from my Mk2. It has less than 1000 miles on it and ran well while in the car. The block is from an E-type (R9994-9) and the head is from a Mk9 (NE 1959-9). The only reason I removed this from the Mk 2 is because I found a “pure” Mk 2 numbers matching block and head. The rebuild consisted of a fully restored head (Valves, springs, seats, exhaust valve tappet bucket hold downs, cam bearings, timing chain and rubbing block, rod bearings, main bearings, rings, all new oil seals, and numerous other parts that I don’t recall. Lacking is the flywheel, exhaust manifolds, the water distribution pipe for the intake manifold, distributor (a partially complete Lucas distributor is available if desired), fan belt tensioner, intake cam cover (although I do have a polished cam cover that is for an earlier engine). Please study the photos for a complete description of what is there and what is missing. And I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. I would like to see this engine go to someone who can use it so the price is flexible.

Asking price (if selling): US$ 2300

Location: Los Angeles, California

Contact information: Tom Trafton

Cost of shipping (if selling): Prefer local pickup or if buyer arranges with a shipping company, will cooperate in that process.

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes, but buyer must arrange shipping details
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Welcome back!

Only had to scrap 2 of my P6s…:wink:

Hi Paul,
Oh no! Scraped two P6s? What happened?

Mine has been garage ridden for 6 months while I completed the restoration of my Bristol 409.

It would have been 6, had not @Jeff_Schroeder taken the 3500s.

When I sell Margaret, the new owner will get two parts cars.

BTW I have a spare boot lid for my Mk2 which I’ll give away. Haven’t yet posted it but if you happen to know anyone who can use it let me know.


Smoking deal!!! Alas, I must focus, so someone buy this!!!

Just remember folks:

“3.8 = million times better than a 4.2”


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