3.8 intake manifold water manifold needed

Looking for a good intake water manifold that bolts to the intake manifold on a 1965 3.8 S-type. Mine has some severe corrosion on the cast hose piece for the hose to the water pump and some on the bolt on piece that connects to the radiator. Any one have the piece circled in red on a parts car, these look like they just bolt to the intake manifold. Contains the thermostat but I’ll replace that with a new one.

Location: Maryland

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Common problem.

It’s probably easier to fix your water rail. Cut the corroded bit back and turn up and weld in a new piece.

I’ve done 2 of these successfully.

Your thermostat cover looks ok from what I can see in the pictures. Perhaps worth sand blasting the inside to remove scale get a better view.

There’s one on Ebay. Item number. 144969899221
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I’ve got a few I’ll send some photos

Hi Dan, let me know what you got or I’ll just order the one on Ebay, thanks!

Hi Dave ,

Do you want the entire intake manifold? I’m
Guessing if that is rotted the other ports could be as well.

Just the top piece would be fine, either one would work. I am sure there will be some corrosion in the intake but hoping it is limited. Let me know the cost shipped to the following address:

Dave Herr
2690 Lydia Court
Adamstown, MD 21710

I can pay you via Venmo or Paypal if that works.


I would examine the water ways in the head as well.
I only say this from experience. I had a 340 sedan that was parked for years. At one point most the coolant drained/leaked out. I found the same corrosion on my intake water way piping like you have. After removing the intake, I found more corrosion in the head. Long story short my head was trashed from corrosion. The intake runners were almost rotted through in spots. I wound up rebuilding the rest of the engine and sadly sold the car as a project at a significant loss.

I do have some concerns here, so hoping I don’t have to go too far down the rabbit hole, car has 77K miles on it, was being restored since the 90’s and never completed so no idea what has been done maintenance wise, so I have to assume it needs many things. I’ll know more when I pull the water pump.

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