3.8 Liter Intake Manifold Gasket

Rebuilding a 3.8 engine for my MK IX. The intake manifold gasket that came with the set is made of aluminum with pressed raised ridges. My question is do I install it dry or use gasket sealer.

Pat H.

I used Permatex Copper Spray-a-Gasket on mine, seems to have worked.

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Ditto, Rob: on metal gaskets, I’ve always found CopperCoat to work well.

When these engines were new, and their surfaces properly machined, metal gaskets were OK. I have used Copper Coat spray on gaskets when the two mating surfaces were less than perfect and so far that has worked out great for me on intake manifolds and numerous other uses where a good seal was required.


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Definitely copper spray. You’re sealing both water and intake mixture.

FWIW, the Cometic intake gaskets are absolutely wonderful. No sealant needed at all and should you ever have to remove it again, it pops right off with no cleanup afterward. About ten bucks or so from Terry’s.

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Thanks guys. Copper spray it is. The barn find MK IX that I found has an older 3.4 engine. I’m replacing it with a newly rebuilt 3.8 but am using most of the bolt on items from the 3.4.

Pat H

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