3.8 mk2 rear engine steady bushes

I have replaced most of the engine mounts - front gearbox and the top of the rear engine steady bar, but can’t work out how to replace the bottom Bush on the engine steady bar. It is tucked away between the back of the block and the bulk head.
Any tips on replacing it with the engine and head in place?



May get to it by removing the gearbox cover on the inside !

When I converted from auto to manual, I had to install the whole stabilizer setup. I installed the whole thing in situ… basically put a towel over the engine and laid on it and had to reach but I could get to it!

Thanks Theo,
I may have to resort to doing the same. I assume removing the bonnet/hood would make it easier.
The top bush was awkward to replace from the side, but just achievable with the battery and the heater pipes removed.

Did you have to remove anything else to get to the bush?

Looks like I will be having some fun at the weekend…

My car has the battery in the trunk and there’s no heater box… so there’s space on either side. With both of those things in place, might be a bit tighter :grimacing:

Yes battery and heater removed would make it easier.
Battery is simple. Heater a bit more tricky, but I do want to replace the big foam sealing ring between heater and bulkhead, so it has to come out at some point.
Bigger job for the weekend then.