3.8 pulleys needed

I have a post in the Saloons section, but need some pulleys for my 1965 3.8 S-type sedan. Car has a double v belt crank pulley, a v belt tensioner and a pulley for the water pump but I need a pulley for the dynamo for a v belt. I may need a water pump pulley as it looks like it aligns with the front crank pulley and not with the dynamo and tensioner, which appear to line up with the inner pulley on the crank? Anyone have a dynamo v belt pulley for sale and suggestions on how to deal with the waterpump?

Pictures show that the inner pulley on the crank seems to line up with the tensioner but that the water pump pulley lines up with the outer pulley.

Let me know the cost and if you can ship. Located in Maryland

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I have water pump pulley. Sorry no generator pulley.

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I might be able to help if you measure shaft size (woodruf keyed), Diameter, and offset if needed.
I have lots of pulleys but don’t know what vehicle they fit.

Where might that be?

Pacifica CA