3.8 roadster e type wanted!

Hi Folks
I am looking to buy matching numbers 3.8 roadster e type. Any condition will be considered!
Thank you

Hi Vino, perhaps you might tell us where you are so we can direct you? I’m in Sydney Australia. Paul

Hi Paul
I am in USA

Here’s one Vino.


That’s too much work even for me. By the time the deck perforates and the inner rocker gets a patch the rest is toast. It’s almost new shell time.

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Yes Mitch, I’m with you but Vino did say “any condition”. At least he knows where BaT is now. Paul

Thank you Gents for any suggestion
However i do need matching numbers car
Rust is not as important, plus I prefer no auction items , private sales preferred for direct dealing!

Try Hemmings Motor News, either on line or the print version.

Print version subscription form:

On line:

Besides acting as a market place they have now branched into auctions so you will see auction listings mixed in with the private for sale cars.

Seems to me you’ve been looking for awhile, Vino. Looking for another personal project or a flip? I suggest the classifieds.


Yes, Vino (aka Mario) now in the US (was in Southern Europe) has had a line in the water before…

No harm in that I suppose but it is what it is.

…but it does belong in the Classified Section as Nick indicated.


Yes, and Vino/Mario keeps forgetting that.

I will move it there right away.


Hi All,
Thank you for helping me find the way!
I am member of this community for 8 years now and I used to on old site which was different and quite more search or post friendly. There was no bad intention to post it at the wrong section ( clear now ) but I just couldn’t figured out the way to find classified adds for e type?!
Is it a flip or a project, as you can see I am looking frequently at various of different Jaguar models from time to time for my personal restoration projects or for my clients!
Thank you for any further help and assistance

I guess “being a member of this community” means different things to different people. Typically a member of a community does both giving and taking. I don’t see that here. The only posts I see is someone looking for bargains. All take, no give.

No problem using the classifieds to help your business I suppose. You are of course a financial supporter of J-L? If you don’t like the Patron thing on your avatar you can always Paypal it. Works for me.

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Yes and he dosn’t need any help around the sites he knows the system inside out including the auction sites. Having dealt once my advice is " CAVEAT EMPTOR "