3.8 S Type Flywheel Weight

(Antonio Melchior Carvalho) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m rebuilding the mechanics of my 1966 3.8 S Type and, since there where so many things done wrong in this car, I’m having doubts on if the flywheel of my car was machined in order to reduce it’s weight.

Does anyone have information of the original flywheel exact weight?


António Melchior Carvalho

(Art Ford) #2

The early XK type flywheels I have measured show 28 Lbs. The lighter ones I have seen were 21 Lbs. I can’t say that represents all the choices.

(Antonio Melchior Carvalho) #3

Thanks for your reply,

Are the ones from the early XK’s the same as the ones from the S Type’s?

(Art Ford) #4

I think most of the 3.8s had a dif. number of teeth on the ring gear and are not interchangeable. Usually I associate that configuration with E type and Mk2 variants. The 3.4s and 4.2s that I am familiar with had 132 or 133 teeth. I expect yours to have 104.