3.8 Series 1 Seat Cushion/Squab and Back Insert - a bit of help

This is for an early 3.8 FHC. Build date is 26Sep62, but it is titled a 1963 and that apparently confuses folks. And yes, I know the coupes didn’t get coupe seats until something like the 2nd week in November '63. My car is getting coupe seats because they are more comfortable and they are what came with my car when I bought it.

Does anyone know of where to get these metal pieces? Or, has some or know how to make them?

Seat upholstery is underway and some pieces missing. On the seat cushion, or squib, there is a metal bracket that fits from side-to-side and it supports the step-up in the foam cushion. Pics below.

On the parabolic insert to the seat back, there are 3 pieces of metal. Two are like sheet metal plates that attach at the bottom corners of that opening in the wood. One is the bracket that holds the top to the seat back frame. It looks like a step-up and slips behind the wooden back. Pics below.

Not to confuse, but to explain - I took these pictures of seats I bought that came from 885766 FHC twenty years ago. The pics are of roadster seats and I removed them from that car. They had been reupholstered, but they are otherwise original. I will use these metal pieces if necessary, but I’d like to replace them so these seats can be sold “intact”.

Any help will be appreciated as the seats (the coupe ones) are being upholstered right now.

Check with Chuck at Monocoque Metalworks- he makes all kinds of sheetmetal for these including seat frames and parts. NAYYY

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Good Idea Doug. Thanks. I’ll call Chuck, but I’d like other options if anyone has some.

I think you’ll find that a squib is a small explosive device - amongst other things they are used as detonators in air bags. The seat cushion that you sit on is a squab…


And I thought the squab was the seat back???

"In general upholstery usage, the squab is the thickly padded cushion of a chair or sofa one sits upon, contacting the thighs and buttocks.

In North America and Europe, Squab in Vehicles is the lower seat portion.

The exception is England for automotive usage during the 1900s. In that context, squab refers to the backrest portion of the chair or side supports one may lean against. In England today, if the conversation is about antique cars or purchasing parts for them, squab refers to the backrest. If the conversation is about modern cars or their parts, squab refers to the seat bottom portion. If clarity is desired, the term squab is avoided."

So, clear as mud… One thing for sure, I would not sit on the seat squib (detonator :grinning:)…


Or a fledgling pigeon…

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Always interesting to share the humer. Never know what it brings forth. :slight_smile:

This particular thread will serve to help others who haven’t explored their seat structure…like me. These particular parts are truly not worthy of buying as it turns out. They are easily made as seen in the following pics. Hover for description.

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Squib seat…

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That’s funny Doug.

And…I just realized I did not make the metal angle piece that goes across the cushion in the seat squab. That’s not as easy to make. Anyone done that?

As it turns out, Chuck at Monocoque Metalworks fabricates them. $48 ea. Easy to make if you have a brake, but I don’t.