3.8S rear brake pistons

In rebuilding the rear calipers on my 3.8S, I found the pistons pitted and purchased new stainless ones from XKs Unlimited. They did not come with the spring retraction mechanism in the back like the originals, though a recess was provided for them. I have been unable to remove the springs from the old pistons to reuse them. Is there a way to do this, or will the new pistons work without the spring retractors?

On an old post, I read that John Farrell would fit the retracting mechanism to new pistons. Does anyone know how to contact Farrell?

Paul Ridley

The spring retraction mechanism is not needed, it is a useless feature.
I replaced the rear calipers on my 3.8S-type 20 year ago, and just removed te pins.
As you know this mechanism is not used on any calipers anymore.

Peter Jan