3 connectors in the trunk. 93 XJ40 What are they?

(Rodney Brown) #1

In my XJ40 there are 3 large round connectors in my trunk that are not assigned to any service. I am trying to trace them. On checking the wiring drawing the wire colour coding is different to what my schematics say. The drivers side has a large brown connector tied above the antena and I am assuming that must have been for the redundant level ride system. The wire wire ID colours , Brown/pink, Black, Brown /violet, Black and lastly Red/black.
The second connector is also a large round connector but yellow in colour,. Its wires are Brown/blue, Black and the last is Pink.

On the passengers side is another yellow one anchored behind the wheel arch. Its wires are Brown/yellow, Brown/white and Brown/green.
Can anyone shed some light on what these connectors are for I may be able to uses their connections, but more importantly I want to document their function.

( Larry ) #2

The vin is more accurate than the year when looking at the wiring diagrams - and - by the sound of it (“large round connectors”) you have a 92 MY car there not a 93, even though it could have been first registered in 93.

AFAIK 93MY cars don’t use the earlier “large round connectors”.

(Rodney Brown) #3

Thanks for your message Larry, The Jaguar Cars Ltd aluminium compliance plate under the hood is punched 03/93 Jaguar Sovereign JH Saloon. I checked the VIN number. Digit 7 id is L and digit 12 is A I think that decodes to 93. Is there somewhere else I should look ? I believe there is an early and late 93 version. Please do not quote me on that, I dont know if it is an accurate statement :slight_smile: What does MY mean. Thanks again , regards Rod

(Grooveman) #4

Rodney …

Perhaps this will help …



( Larry ) #5

Hey Rodney ‘MY’ stands for Model Year, sorry 'bout that!

Sounds like your car is a 93, but as far as the VIN goes, digit 7 and 12, while they may be model year designations, I wasn’t aware of that. I usually go by the last 6 digits of the VIN.
The 93MY changeover is usually quoted as 667829 but the harness/looms change again at 687219.

You can check the parts catalog for further info.


…and of course “large” is a relative term - so I may be on the wrong track!

A pic might help.

(Rodney Brown) #6

Hi Larry Thanks again . I have pics on a different forum https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=113679 Ignore the last picture, it is upside down. Regards from Rod

(Rodney Brown) #7

Good info Grooveman thanks for your input regards from Rod

( Larry ) #8

Sorry Rod, no idea - my 94MY car has a totally different setup.