3 connectors in the trunk. 93 XJ40 What are they?

In my XJ40 there are 3 large round connectors in my trunk that are not assigned to any service. I am trying to trace them. On checking the wiring drawing the wire colour coding is different to what my schematics say. The drivers side has a large brown connector tied above the antena and I am assuming that must have been for the redundant level ride system. The wire wire ID colours , Brown/pink, Black, Brown /violet, Black and lastly Red/black.
The second connector is also a large round connector but yellow in colour,. Its wires are Brown/blue, Black and the last is Pink.

On the passengers side is another yellow one anchored behind the wheel arch. Its wires are Brown/yellow, Brown/white and Brown/green.
Can anyone shed some light on what these connectors are for I may be able to uses their connections, but more importantly I want to document their function.

The vin is more accurate than the year when looking at the wiring diagrams - and - by the sound of it (“large round connectors”) you have a 92 MY car there not a 93, even though it could have been first registered in 93.

AFAIK 93MY cars don’t use the earlier “large round connectors”.

Thanks for your message Larry, The Jaguar Cars Ltd aluminium compliance plate under the hood is punched 03/93 Jaguar Sovereign JH Saloon. I checked the VIN number. Digit 7 id is L and digit 12 is A I think that decodes to 93. Is there somewhere else I should look ? I believe there is an early and late 93 version. Please do not quote me on that, I dont know if it is an accurate statement :slight_smile: What does MY mean. Thanks again , regards Rod

Rodney …

Perhaps this will help …



Hey Rodney ‘MY’ stands for Model Year, sorry 'bout that!

Sounds like your car is a 93, but as far as the VIN goes, digit 7 and 12, while they may be model year designations, I wasn’t aware of that. I usually go by the last 6 digits of the VIN.
The 93MY changeover is usually quoted as 667829 but the harness/looms change again at 687219.

You can check the parts catalog for further info.


…and of course “large” is a relative term - so I may be on the wrong track!

A pic might help.

Hi Larry Thanks again . I have pics on a different forum https://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=113679 Ignore the last picture, it is upside down. Regards from Rod

Good info Grooveman thanks for your input regards from Rod

Sorry Rod, no idea - my 94MY car has a totally different setup.