3 point seat harness/belt

I’m wondering if anyone here has installed a 3 point seat belt with shoulder harness on their MK V. I have the car apart and now would be the perfect time to secure such a unit. Was wondering how high to mount the upper harness pulley. Also I’m open to suggestions on the brand as some that I’ve looked at have too large a spool to fit between the seat and the door.

Hi Wayne. I mounted 3 point mount retractable units in my MK V. I can supply you detailed info re units but mine are 90 degrees retractor angle mounted on the “B” pillar with plates inserted in the pillar and a floor mounted plate for the Buckle stalks. All purchased from APV-S Safety Products in Melbourne Australia. I think you are based in Australia and my like to send me an email with contact details so we can discuss the model numbers needed for the belts. I include a couple of photos of my installation.