308 xjrs brakes

Hi all I have a 308 xjr 4.0 it has normal brakes on rear but front have jaguar logo on them are they bembo ? Thinking this was only fitted too xkr 100 it’s not on 20 inch wheels

As they left the factory with brembo’s they would be:
Brembo at all 4 corners
Painted grey
With Jaguar writing in white.
braided lines to them (not rubber hoses)
Not fitted with XJR wheels like penta or Astroid as they need more clearance.
Fitted with Milan 18" wheels (typically gold/champagne colour)

Only fitted from 2000 year

Other jaguar brembo’s around this time (XKR, S-TypeR) would be silver with green R logo

Interesting definitely got Jag on them so shows it possible fit on 18 inch wheels I well try work out what they are

I think those are Teves.

Well think they maybe from s type r ? Taken them off only too find smaller discs fitted .I take it the xjr 100 and R1 had the bigger discs ?

355mm discs for R1 I think