'38-48 Push Button Starter Switch

I had mine out to repair it. The crimped loops that held it together broke, so I cleaned it and put a blob of solder on each side.

I may have discovered my first error in the J.2 Spare Parts Catalogue. I’m regrettably famous for finding errors in the XK120 and Mark V SPCs.
All 5 SPCs covering the '38-48 models including LHD list the switch as Lucas 317082.
Mine is marked 317063.

A search for 317082 turned up nothing, but Holden UK has 317063.

The difference may be that some had a plastic button with chrome bezel and some had a chrome button. [ maybe a black bezel]They are a very common button.
Th e rarer ones are SS1 which didn’t have a solenoid, just bridged the main battery cables.

Thanks, Ed. Did the SS1 have a pull cable, like the MGA and Morris?
Holden was the only source I found for the plastic button version, and none for a chrome version. But a lot of hits for a shorter model for motorcycles called a kill switch, not long enough to go through a wood dashboard.