'38 Fuel Tank Straps

From the factory “oops” department.
Fuel tank is too low on its support brackets, or spare tire tray is too tall.
Make wood blocks to support the fuel tank, raise it up higher.

Straps are made with a single hole.

A line worker calls out, “Mr. Heynes, it doesn’t reach to the hole in the support bracket.”
Mr. Heynes: “Weld on an extension tab with a hole in the middle.”
“Sir, it still doesn’t fit.”
Heyes: “Drill a third hole.”
Now it fits on the middle hole.

Greetings All,

You might want to substitute those wood blocks for some rubber ot something that is not as hard, like rubber or increase size spreads the weight to keep it from point loading.

Full gas tank and a couple of goid bumps and you’d likely have some rectangular dimples that just happen to match the wood blocks.

Just a suggestion.

Too late, they’re already there from going on 81 years and 96,000 miles.

I hope that’s English wood,Oak say.
Actually Borehamwood would be appropriate.

Knowing penny pincher Lyons, they’re probably whatever scrap was lying around from the sidecar department.

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