'38 SS saloon front bumper grommets

My front bumper has these rubber grommets around the holes through the wings. Does Mark IV also have these? Anyone know a source for them?

They look the same as the Mk IV. I’m not aware of any source for these. However, I purchased a generic pair many years ago. I think they are similar to those on the likes of Morris Minor and others, which may fit. I think the Old Auto Rubber company in Aus used to have them, but upon checking their current catalogue, none are listed.

I have some old ones that I’d like to see used to make new moulds, but I haven’t pursued that path yet.

Hello Rob

These are listed under Jaguar part No 238.103, for $26 + however not included in the diagrams.
Perhaps contact them to see if they can still supply them.
They recently had the boots for the MK IV front brakes made to order for me.

I would try Worcester or Davenports.