'38 SS Unused Cable Clips

Here’s a peculiar thing.
I have found 3 cable clips under the car that are not being used, and are not near anything that would potentially use them.

Two are on the underside of the body under the rear seat, near the differential nose. About 3" from the driveshaft tunnel and 1" from the vertical part of the seat tray. They look like what would be used to hold a fuel pipe or electrical cable, but there are no cables or fuel pipe anywhere near them, and of course no brake pipes.

One is on the central chassis cross member right hand forward side near the speedometer cable, but not in a position to be actually used to hold that cable, which passes through the hole in the chassis there on the left in the pic.

Anybody else have these on their car?

I don’t think I’ve ever had them. The one near the speedo cable hole might just have been to prevent the cable from disappearing into the hole whilst routing it elsewhere.


My speedo cable is routed differently. There is a little P clip I guess for the reversing light switch cable.

Mine also has the optional built in chassis lubrication scheme.

Yep, I have that reverse light cable clip on the left hand side.
Here is a better picture of the unoccupied clip on the right hand side, with the speedometer cable and hand brake cable going through holes in the chassis. The exhaust is removed in this shot.

If I have my history correctly, mine finished 3 Jan '38 would be one of the first cars with the straight across center cross member, as opposed to the X frame of the '36-37 models. So maybe they had the mistaken idea that the speedo cable would come out in front of the cross member and they put the stud and clip there. I suppose that stud is a 2BA bolt stuck through from the inside and welded on the head, but I can’t see or feel it to confirm that guess. Odd that they would put a clip on it when it was never used, though.

Chassis lubrication system - There were such things for real on some '20s and '30s cars, little grease tubing running all over to the springs and whatnot, and a central grease pump, with which a little clip like this would be used.
But mine seems to be the natural gravity version, and clearly intended as a sand and dirt retention system. :grin:

Perhaps my speedo cable routing isn’t different from yours Rob but I don’t think there is any sign of your mystery clip.