'39 in WA. - $3,800

While many purists would have us tared and feathered for what
we think & do to ‘their’ cars I don’t think twice about it.

That being said I would not have posted this if it had the common VW engine.

This one has a Datsun, then for more credibility, a manual trans.

This power train changes a grandpa’s parade car into a tinker’s hobby car.


I know that engine well!

For about half that price, Id almost be tempted.

I would be tempted at a price between asking and 1/2 asking. Not goin to happen, Though. it would be a ball to get there and drive it home!!! alas, I can not fly. I opted not to mess with proof that I am a citizen… I am!!!

Should not irritate Jaguar purists. It only resembles one.

Decades ago, I saw a real on in a small German town. Very nice one. Alas, a rod cap in the front seat. discouraged…

A Datsun 6 would be better. Better yet. V8 and T5…