3D CAD Modeling of the V12 Engine

(Marcus McSpadden) #1

Hey, everyone!

I have looked around online and can’t find any 2D or 3D CAD drawings or models of the V12 engine, so I thought I would make one. I use Inventor Professional at work, but ideally I would have the completed model in something like Fusion 360, which is not only free to individuals but will directly output to a 3D printer. I also think it would be great to have all the base variations (pre HE, 5.3 HE, 6.0 HE) and have the individual parts modeled where someone could change one out to see how it affects the whole.

The other reason to do this is that these engines are (obviously) old, with the most recent being manufactured more than 20 years ago. Combine that with how low-volume they were, and you see how there might be a problem in the near future of parts availability. Having precise drawings would enable those that have need to at least get parts machined (though I shudder at what the bill for some of that might be) rather than being forced to let go and find a different engine. It would also make it a bit easier to see what parts can be used from another manufacturer (i.e. GM con rods, etc.).

The biggest hurdle I have at this point is information. I don’t have many (almost zero) of the dimensions I would need to do this model, as the only engine I have to study (a 5.3 HE) is in my car that I drive to work, so I can’t just disassemble it for measurements. If anyone has the time and parts available to supply measurements (overall sizes of parts, hole spacing for studs and bolts, etc) it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone has any pre-built models they would like to contribute to this project, that would be greatly appreciated as well. This is a big undertaking, and as it will be in my spare time (of which there isn’t much, since both my children are under 6 years old at this point) I foresee it taking a while. It is still something I think can be a worthwhile endeavor, though.




Maybe I can help a little bit. There are freely available downloads of the XJS as professionally modeled and rigged by Forza. A search for “jaguar 3D forza” should do. You will have to extract the model from their archive but all info for this is available at the download source. Being on a Mac with no windows partition I cannot confirm what you’ll get.

The model should be a complete HE with interior and underhood elements. You can open the doors and hood so they modeled at least ( and likely only ) the block and intakes etc that are visible.

Hopefully they were as faithful on the block and exterior bits as that were with the body.

As for modeling the engine interior and elements, a parts car is almost surely needed. It could be quite a fun project.