4.0 Sport '95 uneven steering

Hi Jag Lovers,

Been reading around here lately, what a load of information! We have been happy owners of a '95 XJ 4.0 Sport here for a month. A fantastic driving and looking car.

However, there is a problem that we can’t solve, maybe someone here can help us. Searching online has turned up nothing for me.

Simply put: steering to the left is perfect, a maximum of 2.5 turns on the steering wheel and a correct turning circle. Turning to the right, however, is only possible with a maximum of 1.5 to 2 turns of the steering wheel. This creates a much too large turning circle and makes parking very difficult.

The car is perfectly aligned and the steering rods at the front wheels are also the same length. The steering wheel is also exactly in the middle.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem, and how we can solve this?

Some might have replaced the rack WITHOUT centering it properly?

Rebuilders NEVER center the rack when assembling so I always had to disconnect the upper steering column and ‘clock-the-wheel’ straight while making sure the rack was set to CENTER when I installed it.

Could also be that someone put the rack back without making sure everything was set properly?

had ths issue decades ago. My 4 ford tudor. A mechanic ointed out tht i had messed u thje centerig of the steerig box.

so, applying tht idea. here we do not have a steering box, but, a rack. the rack must be centered. or ou have the issue you now have. search the archives here as to how to center the rack.5