4.2 Mark 10 AC compressor York to Sanden need help!

Hi All

Have owned my '66 4.2 Mark 10 since the early 80’s. AC was always ice cold. Rear Delanair shelf unit. York AC compressor bit the dust years ago.

Want to install Sanden compressor and use the mounting conversion plate. Has anyone put a conversion plate on a Mark10 that fits and can you tell me the supplier and model number? What’s the model number of Sanden compressor that lines up with the existing Mark 10 4.2 lines??

Anyone know what the York model number was? Please help.

I have fitted the Sanden 7 series, and a York to Sanden plate on my 420G

Cant recall any fitment issues that should affect you

(I had to move alternator position and gather parts, as my car was non-A/C)

I dont understand ^ question

Thank you for the reply!

I asked for the York model number since the Sanden dealers might need to know it to supply their substitute.


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I believe the York is a model 210…there should be a plate on the compressor body giving the details.

In any case, the 7 series Sanden is a universal replacement for the York

Many vehicles (not just Jags) have had the Yorks replaced with a Sanden,
hence the existence of an aftermarket adaptor plate

It is possible to rebuild them.
I have the Rebuild & Parts manual, which is available on Ebay, as are all the parts and info