4.2 Mufflers on STR

Hi Jaglovers
Have a question about the mufflers. on my 2003 STR I have a rusty muffler (left side) makes quite of noise.
Now, difficult to find even used ones.
Does the mufflers of the S-Type 4.2 fit the STR? If not, what are the differences?

Thanks for enlightenment,

I can’t answer your question directly (hopefully someone else can) but the regular S-Type 4.2 and 4.2 supercharged mufflers are different part numbers.

Whether they fit interchangeably, flow differently, or sound differently, again I can’t say. But they will look different. The 4.2 normally aspirated muffler has a slant-cut tip and the 4.2 R mufller a larger stainless steel tip with no angled cut. So if you did fit a 4.2 muffler, it would make your S-type R look a bit like a hacked junkyard special with mismatched tips.

The tips are welded on, so to get a matching appearance (if they did fit) you’d have to cut them off and re-weld them. Unless you can do this yourself, you might be better off just buying a new one (which are still available) though they aren’t cheap.

If you don’t mind the cutting and rigging different parts a good muffler/exhaust shop might be able to fabricate something at a decent price, hopefully transferring the old S-type R exhaust tip to the new aftermarket muffler to maintain the original appearance. (or go all out and replace the entire post-catalytic exhaust system with a stainless steel aftermarket one!)


Hi Dave
Thank you for your response. So The 4.2 won’t fit.
I’ll try to find a used one (difficult in Switzerland and Germany)
or then buy a aftermarket one.
Best regards, Gregor


In the United States, at least one vendor still sells the left “R” muffler brand new. I suppose shipping to Europe would be prohibitive. Is it that new ones are no longer available from Jaguar? Maybe Eurojag in the UK (a major supplier of used Jaguar parts) might be able to supply one with reasonable shipping cost.

Good luck,