4.2 Original Oil Cannister Question

Hi. I have what I believe to be a complete original-type oil filter cannister that came with my Series II E-Type OTS in 2015. It appears to be unused, possibly OEM. The previous owner had fitted a twist-on type so this was obviously not used. It has a spindle, large washer, and spring, with an unused stainless filter. Can anyone identify this as an authentic Jaguar part? I tried to upload a pic but am not sure the site accepted it. Thanks in advance. Jaz Brock

Hi Jeff, welcome to JL!

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I don’t know as the canister has ever been reproduced. This one is authentic, except for a fresh coat of (incorrect) black paint. The filter is a filter, some aftermarket brand.

Thanks Michael. Yes, the paint is a matte finish. Is it supposed to be glossy? Must’ve been restored, but the inside has no trace of oil, though. The filter is NAPA. Jeff

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It’s supposed to be hammertone blue/green. S2, S3:


Blue, really, it ages and turns green but under the bolt it stays blue.
Belton hammertone blue is a good match but it is not heat resistant at all, the best paint to choose can be found on the forum.

Could this possibly be only a primer coat?

You mean the black? Who knows, mine weren’t primed at all

Interesting. I guess whoever restored this just didn’t have the time to search out the correct color. I guess I’ll just sell it as-is. Do you know the value?

No, but it’s not exactly valuable, maybe try the classifieds or get an idea what they sell for online, it’s not the diecast part, just the steel can, no idea.

The large washer in the picture goes onto the oil base housing (not in the picture but bolted on the side of the engine). There should be another large washer but with a small hole for the bolt to go through, a smaller washer and a small felt seal to go between the washers. As far as I can remember, the early cars had black canisters, the Series 2 or there about switched to the hammertone green. Hammertone original on EBAY: Jaguar XKE Oil Filter Canister Green | eBay

The reason they aren’t worth much is that a lot of folks have switched to spin on kits. The problem isn’t the paint: there are a lot of these out there. Sorry, I guess you can’t retire yet.

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He says it may be repainted. I say they were blue, unless discoloration from green to blue in a completely sealed off area is a thing it was blue.
If the early ones were black, nice, then this can stay as is.

The early ones had a larger diameter bolt, so the cannister might have been different.

The bolts are different lengths and coarse thread vs fine thread. Have not noticed any difference in diameter as the outer rubber seal that goes under the bolt head is the same part number for all of the 6 cylinder cars.

The 68 had that hammertone green. I had a very hard time finding that in a spray bomb.

Aww. Shucks.

Hi Dick. Thanks for the info. The threads on this bolt are coarse and the bolt extends about 1-5/8" beyond the business end of the canister, which includes the cone. Does that sound like a Series II? Jeff