4.2 xj6 S2 motor oil bypass tube

**hello all,

had a massive leak filling the oil up for the first time in this area.

motor is new to me and supposedly was rebuilt.

I have ordered a new o-ring for it, but upon removal of said tube there was a thin cork gasket on the flange.

should i redo the gasket? or just use the o-ring?

black silicon? hylomar? as an alternative.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, my S1 has a very very thick o ring there.
Not hylomar, RTV maybe.

cool, thanks for the advice!

Do you mean the oil supply tube to the camshafts, behind the cylinder head?

Mine has copper seal washers there.
Moss and others offer an upgraded version with rubber insert called Stat-o-seal.

Very sure he has a leak where the tube from the relief valve goes into the sump.

The thin copper washers at the cam feeds can often be annealed and reused. I know hat I’m saying because mine are bone dry and I’ve done it a handful of times. Nothing special or new is required.

It’s the oil drain tube from the oil filter housing back to the sump.

I’ve annealed so many copper washers over the years that I have a fire brick and a torch dedicated to the purpose, it’s a great technique though I wonder at times the cost of a new washer vs the oxy/propane costs of my torch.

Ordered the o ring from moss. I’ll smear a small bit of black RTV on the flange.

I’ll report back if I have any issues,

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