4.2L head studs, what size & how many of each?

Hi All,

I’m in the reassembly stage of my 4.2 rebuild. It’s the original engine in my early series II SWB RHD. I don’t have the ID # in front of me. I am replacing all of the head studs so I’ll never have to look at them again. Out of the 14, 4 are short but I don’t know the exact length. Out of the other 10, I know at least 1 has a dowel - will the dowel studs work in every hole?

So to recap: 4 short - exact length
10 long - exact length, dowel(s)

Thanks everyone

Are you planning on having some custom fabricated? I’m asking because if you order from one of the usual suppliers they will send you studs the correct length.

http://www.georgiajag.com/Documents/HeadStud.html This should help with length and part numbers for the studs.

Thanks guys, I’ll have a look. I could just go to TJP and order them but I would have to sell a kidney to pay for them. I’ve seen them much cheaper individually - but sizes vary slightly…


That is exactly what I was looking for - thank you very much. You saved me time and money.
Have a great evening…