40amp fuse keeps blowing for hood pump

The roof on my 2004 XK8 convertible will not raise.
I have found the 40amp fuse for the pump has blown, after replacing it immediately blows again.
When pressing the control button the windows lower but nothing else.
The oil lines were all replaced and the pump filled with new oil recently after a leak at the headrail.
Any ideas please.

Hey Colin,
Something is obviously shorting out, grounded.
Windows can be reprogramed to set auto raise & lower:
press window botton down while holding the all way down
until you hear a click or chime. If all goes well, do the
same pressing botton to raise until click or chime. If
this does not help with the windows, you know you’ve got
a serious elecricial problem. Sorry, this all I’ve got as I let my
mechanical/electrician (dealer) do the work for me. If they have
enough staff on board. All I have to do is supply my US or CA funds.

My best of luck to you,