4144 Oil seal too small!

Went to fit the Oil seals in the axle tubs the other day , and they are a bit too small , can put them in and out with your fingers , only small amount of resistance .
Have some on order but not sure If I will get them now we are on lock down !

If push comes to shove did think about , wrapping a bit of duck tape around the outside , or maybe some sealer , have both to hand .
Oil seal is not under pressure and guess very little oil gets on it , would think the little pressure from the grease would hold it in place .

Or maybe some one in the UK has 2 seals to sale me , 4144 oil seal in ends carrier Tube

Just got a e-mail from the firm I am getting parts from , they are sending me a list of my parts on order , and posting them to me , am a happy bunny :rofl:

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