420 A/C Fuse Location

Does anyone know where the location is for the fuse to the A/C fans and compressor clutch?

Some vehicles have an inline fuse, mostly USA cars (30 amps). Can you get the compressor to operate with a direct hot wire? Ground is important here also.

The compressor is fine. I just had the engine and transmission rebuilt. Once I got them reinstalled in the car and was going to recharge the system, I found out that there was no power to the fan and thermostat switch inside the car. The wiring diagram in my service manual doesn’t include the a/c system. I was able to find a typical wiring diagram on the forums that indicated that the power to the fans and the compressor comes from the ignition switch. Since there is no power to the fan switch, I am looking for the fuse that must be somewhere between the ignition switch and the fan switch. Any idea where the fuse would be located?
Does anyone have a pdf copy of the Delanair 420 service manual?

I do, but it isnt very helpful…you should be looking for a fused black wire from the ignition.

When I set up my 420G for A/C, I just wired in the needed fuses and relays myself.

Dont even think about not adding relays on compressor and fans

Thanks Toney. I will dig into the wiring some more today. I don’t think that my car has any relays for the fans or the compressor. It sucks not having the documentation needed to make repairs.

have a look in the 420 Service Manual Electrical Diagram…it may have something.

at any rate, its very easy to wire accesories, just choose whether you want it always live, or only with accessory power, there is a double spade in the fuse box for each fuse.

take the power from there to trigger the switch only.

place a fused relay in your engine bay, adjacent to the equipment, run a wire from battery to power it.

Its absolutely critical that high current is NOT drawn thru the ignition switch

Fan & compressor start up >30amps