420 automatic gear selector gate needed

I am in need of a gear selector gate for a 420. Part number C24940. I need it for my 1965 3.8S which has a transmission from a 420 and the shift patterns do not match up. Does anybody have one I could buy or - would someone be able to provide a template so that I could fabricate one? It’s a very simple part. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

@Mr.Roboto has an ad in classifieds as he is wrecking a 420

If he cannot help you, post a pic of the part, if its the same as a MKX, I may have one

I probably have one - will check tomorrow.

Thanks Tony. I have sent him a message. Hopefully he has some other transmission accessory parts I could use also. It may well be the same as the MKX, but the only picture I have is from the 420 parts catalogue and it’s not very informative.

I have a very good one - message me when you are free.

Thanks Jeff. Could you send me a picture of it? Roland

Thanks Jeff. I have a lead on the position indicator binnacle thing. If that doesn’t work out I will be in touch. Would you happen to have the neutral safety switch? Should be attached to the left side of the column. Roland

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