420 rotor balance

(Art Ford) #1

I took off my wheel and caliper. Hub and rotor show a definite heavy side. With a magnet of .5 oz it does not stop in the same place each time suggesting this is about right. I’m thinking about drilling a bit through the face like those today drilled or slotted. Has anyone been through this?

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Considering the radius of the hub and the 1/2oz I would have thought that the imbalance would be insignificant, having said that if you feel it would be advantageous then I see no reason why drilling to remove some weight would hurt.

(Paul Wigton) #3

Half ounce, on that radius?

You wont feel the difference at any normal street speed.

(Ian) #4

(Art Ford) #5

Thanks. I had never seen on the car type balance in use. The down
side was always considered the need to keep the tire in the same
place because it was balanced with the drum.