420G engine and ´box in a 420

Hello all.
I´m a new member and a fairly capable home mechanic. However LOTS that I still will need advice for. I apologize in advance for the many naive and uninformed questions I will probably post along the way.

My first question is this:
I own a 420 with a faulty BW model 8 in it. I now have the opportunity to buy a 420G parts car wtih a good engine and autobox.
Can the 420G setup go into the 420? Apart from moving the battery, what might the challenges be?
( I searched the forums but no topics just like this turned up…)

Only problem I see is the 3 Carb setup form the 420G.
It will probably not fit, but you can use the 420 intake manifolds and Carb’s.

Peter Jan

Thanks for the reply.
I was hoping to keep the three carbs, but if it is too much trouble I´ll change the manifold and carbs…

Probably nothing a BFH wouldn’t fix :slight_smile:

English isn´t my first language…but I think I figured out what BFH means…Haha :grinning: