420G garage find

It will be interesting to see what it makes, as it is a good example

It highlights the problems of restoring a MKX or 420G, as it costs more than an E-type to restore, virtually no ready made panels are available, parts are hard to come by, they have acres of leather & walnut veneer etc etc

I dont think the barn car even could be restored, but you wouldnt get any change out of say $60k

A full scale resto at a high end shop would probably cost more than that for virtually any MKX, but good ones can be had for half that

I would want one like it if I had enough space, but I’m crazy and I like my cars unrestored and complete as far as possible, which this one seems to be. And it has windows and AC, low miles and is not that badly worn. And the engine turns… would be something I like.

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Not unrestored or original,

repainted, new headlining, 15" wheels, mileage not known, A/C not original etc etc

That does not detract much from its value imo, drives well in the video

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I was looking at this only, https://discourse-cdn.jag-lovers.com/original/3X/d/a/da72acca9f6720a09bdadc4150cb6b70398d0c12.jpeg

It’s obviously been repainted. And the AC head unit can’t be factory. I thought the boot unit was original. And the rest I wouldn’t have known. But still liking it!

One would be unable to work on Jaguars with the minimum wage in the USA being $7.25 and hour. Although here in Colorado it is $15 an hour. Both of which would require multiple room mates to even meet the rental market here which is out of control.