420G iln FLorida

I have no personal interest and I thought I would mention this here as many of us do not check the classified forum. This 420G RHD seems unique in that it has a Webasto sunroof. How rare is this. Seems like the addition of A/C would be the icing on this car.

The car is on EBay at a reasonable price, I just don’t have the garage space!

Can’t see it

A 420G is not hard to find…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not a bad looking car. Price seems decent from what you can see in the pictures. Looks like a good driver. Hell of a lot less than I have in mine.

Peder, I know you are itching to add another one to your fleet.


If its as good as it looks at least $US30K would have gone into that resto

Its unusual in some respects, especially that sunroof, (RHD, but what good is that in USA?), no details on mechanicals, looks like a fairly recent paint & interior, excellent chrome, wood veneer needs attention

Possibly a deceased estate sale if they don’t have very long list of receipt’s and provenance

I’ve driven right hand drive and its good to have a passenger to check if you are going to overtake the car in front of you. It does make it very easy to parallel park. I’m sure someone on the list could go inspect this for a prospective buyer. The price seems very realistic for what we are seeing. Do these have a BW model 8 transmission

I just loved the way my MK10 drove and I reluctantly sold it for pennies on the dollar. I know where its at if someone wanted almost running project. The DG250 was junk and I was spending money on the MK2 and the GTO

Paul, I recall this wasn’t your favorite model?

That is gorgeous @The_Jag_Man. There is $20k in the interior of that car.

Alas though, Triple Trouble crap transmission, as in your old car, is what kills. Needs a T700R4 quarterbreed kit, and the rear ride height dropped significantly.

10’s and G’s look very cartoonish due to their ride height, IMHO.

And no, your old car isn’t going anywhere :wink:


Your recollection is correct…:wink:

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Jeff, I hope you’re able to bring that to better than what left the factory. I would eliminate the column shifter and make it like a xj6 center column shifter with an upgraded transmission. A/C would be nice. I hope to see it finished some day!!

… that, and the ridiculously small 14" rims.

(Ill geddit right…) :joy:

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It will stay 100% stock aside from the motor and trans - the 3.8 is beyond saving without much replacement, so it will get a 4.2, but stay triple carb’d.

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I used 15 inch better diameter wheels and tires

That engine had almost no compression in number 4. 700R4 great idea.
Power window and door locks maybe?

rust is the biggest risk with these cars, so a magnet is essential

Even though that paint looks good superficially, there are a couple of shots that make me a bit suspicious, no provenance knocks down its value significantly imo

Transmission will be BW8, a very robust unit, but some internal parts do wear eventually

I would want to either inspect it or see bare metal photos, or have additional information

Did I miss it, but does not say if it runs, drives, stops etc ?

Not all that many come up for sale in really good condition, but they are out there, these were Jaguars top priced car, so many were sold to very wealthy folk

There is a picture of the car right below where it says" i can be reached…'" that is actually a video link of the car driving. See if that works for you

You find the video? Sounds good.

Yes, it does appear to be in excellent operational order.

Cant tell if that’s a correct perforated leather interior, or maybe even leatherette, wouldnt be a deal breaker, but a correct interior kit would be further proof of quality

I am going to say they would be negotiating with people on the phone as we speak

If I could be satisfied the body had no rust, an offer below $20k would be a lot of car for that money, way less than half the refurbishment cost of one that was an ok goer

Florida is on Eastern Standard time and it is almost 2am there now. Tomorrow (Thursday) in the USA is thanksgiving holiday, so a call on our Friday or this weekend would be best.

Do you live near Paul Breen in Sydney?

Even better tgan the T700 transmission, which I have and like in my Mk9, is the ZF 24HP, which Jaguar put in the XJ 40. 4 speed with OD on 4th. Super smooth and really transforms the car into a modern experience.
Yes, I love these cars, but am actually selling one or two, as I am reducing my collection of 50s and 60s Jaguars. ( I peaked at around 23😱).
The 14” wheels with XWX 205 14, the diameter is taller than 15” with 205/70 15 tyres!!!