420g inner headlights simple question

Recently purchased a 420g.

Fo some reason the inner headlights in the bonnet were unplugged, have since plugged them back to where they appeared to be disconnected from, however they only come on hi beam, is that correct of should the be on with when the main headlights are on low beam as well.

Car is in Nz



I think that is correct, although I would have to double check to be sure.

I will be doing some work on it soon, and will let you know if someone else hasnt confirmed it by then

The info is likely contained within the Service Manual, or A5 sized Drivers Handbook, if you have either of these

Inner headlights are high beam only. Same with XJ6

Thanks for your help

Will we see the car on Monday night at the Royal Akarana Boat club for the convoy to mark the Queens passing?

No - I imobilised it today, with minor hopefully initial maintenance , could take the xjs thou.

I’ll be there in the XJR

Just some extraneous comments, as I’m wont to do, mainly to assist those chasing extra knowledge about their cars to help sort out problems.

The additional pair is exclusively high beam. Having four low beam lamps is probably illegal. You can check by peering through the lens (sealed beam) where you might be able to see a single filament versus a dual filament in the primary lights. You can also confirm at the lamp connectors where there should be only two contacts for the additional lamps and three for the primary ones, one contact on each being an earth return. The high beam cable colour code on all four lamps should be the same.

Being an extraneous kind of guy, I will add that the seven-inch outers, particularly if good quality Euro spec, are more than adequate. On my S1 XJ6 I substituted long-range driving lights for the inners, switched separately.

The inner headlights on the 420g and Mk10 are definitively high beam only as is shown the circuit diagram. Blue with a white tracer is the wire colour if I remember correctly.