420G Power Steering Saginaw Pump

(Nigel) #1

My pump probably needs replacing part number C23033, its making a terrible noise, I have not stripped it yet but I can imagine worn bushes and rotor gouging the pump ring or worse, I have not seen these parts for sale only refurb pumps with silly core charges.

The pump sits inside the reservoir type. It is apparently the same pump as fitted to many American vehicles 1963-1975 does anyone have a GM or AC Delco part number for the same pump? It’s a 5/8ths shaft with key.

Also do you know if this is simply a straight fit (reservoir and pump) or do I have to remove the new pump from the new reservoir and fit the pump into my old reservoir so that the mounting studs etc are all correct?..and it is period correct I guess.

Any help and ideas appreciated

(Geoff Allam) #2

Those american pumps are available pretty cheaply from most aftermarket suppliers. If I remember correctly you also need a new 0 ring. I would dismantle the old pump from the housing and than take the whole lot down to your local parts retailer. A good parts person should be able to match it up for you.

(Andrew Waugh) #3

(tony) #4

there are very few parts inside, just a few seals, and gears.
If there is a seal kit available from the usuals suppliers, (think their is)
I would dismantle and inspect it

(Nigel) #5


Took it apart and the surfaces were badly scored so it needed to be replaced. This power steering is the saginaw type (Jag part number C23033) but used on many American cars from 1963 to 1975 and is interchangeable with my 420G. It is a two part pump, that is a reservoir with a pump installed inside the reservoir. Easy to separate the pump from the reservoir. See manual.

There are many that will do the job, but not all, when doing a search you need one that will give 1200 psi operating pressure. There are two shapes of reservoir, banjo and A shapes, banjo is correct for my Jag. but if you can only get the A shape as I could then buy it and just swap your old reservoir over to the new pump.

The other issue that is a concern is that the shaft should be a 5/8ths with a key for the pulley, that’s it.
I ordered a Cardone.com refurbished unit for Canadian $ 86 part number 20-6086 (banjo) but got the A type instead it’s all they had. They want the old one back otherwise there was a core charge of $60.
I flushed the system completely and bled it. all good.