47 MK4,rear wheel bearing

Could anyone please tell me the socket size to remove rear wheel bearing nut,inside of spline.

It will probably depend on which engine size and which axle you have.
On my '38 SS 2.5 Liter with ENV axle, the socket size is 1-1/16".
On '53 XK120 with Salisbury axle the socket size is 1-1/2".

The MK IV has different hub sizes for the 1 1/2 and 2 1/2; 3 1/2 litre. If you can confirm your car model then it can be advised. Don’t forget the spline has a split pin that needs removing before the nut can come off, and be careful not to break the flange of the hub.

When pulling the hub, as others have mentioned previously, it is important to use a “plate puller” behind the hub to prevent distortion of the hub. Also, with the nut undone, leave the nut still on the shaft several threads to prevent the hub flying off when the taper is released. When the suitable puller is in place and pressure applied, if difficult to remove lightly heating with a heating torch may be needed.

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Its a 1947 Mark 4 11/2 Litre,thanks for all the replys

Should be 1 1/16” across flats for this smaller size hub (with larger engine cars having bigger hubs). You will need a socket that has a slim wall thickness and long reach to fit inside the hub and down to the nut.

Interestingly, the thread identified on my colleague’s 1 1/2L rear axle shaft was an SAE standard, being UNEF or NEF (Extra Fine) of 20 t.p.i., not a British standard and the reason why the nut is not a Whitworth a.f. size. There is no BS thread near this t.p.i for these shaft sizes. If you have to replace a nut, I would be sure that a slotted nut replacement will not be on the shelf at your nut-and-bolt bloke.

Certainly the socket size fits the nuts nicely on my 1948 MK IV 1 1/2 litre - but that is just referring to a socket that can be used and NOT the actually nut/shaft thread type. Other metric and imperial size sockets might also fit, but I just use Grandpa’s old tool set complete with engineering reference books!!!