48 MK iV steering box left hand drive

Help. My steering box has a lot of play in the “nut” at the base the steering column. The chrome ball on the rocker arm is also worn making the play unacceptable. Anyone know a place in the US that can rebuild. Have two UK places for rebuild but am confirming whether left or right drive makes a difference. Alternatively anyone have a steering box to sell that is not sloppy already. Any help appreciated.

Gust Nelson

The LHD steering box is more closely related to a 1 1/2 steering box
Holman Engineering in Uk make parts for these, well at least RHD,
I doubt finding a good second hand 70= year old box will be likely.
Is the thread RH or LH ?

Ed thanks. Got your info Roger Mcwilliams had forwarded to me. Thanks for help as usual.