5.3l xjs Battay

Hey guys
I think i need to replace my battary so i wonder if i could buy regular 60a battary or there is a special thing i should look for

You need to be careful about the venting. Standard car batteries are vented, and what comes out is acidic. You don’t want it throughout your trunk. You need to select a battery that you can connect tubing to and route the vent out the bottom of the car.


How critical is the battary cca ?
Most battary’s i found have a 540cca and the car battary have 740cca

It’s not critical. It really doesn’t take a lot of CCA to start this car – unless maybe you live in the tundra.

To achieve high CCA ratings, battery manufacturers make the plates inside their batteries look like waffle irons to maximize surface area. Unfortunately, this also makes them fragile, and sometimes after some erosion and vibration one of the plates will break off and short out the cell. Your battery is trash. So some argue avoiding the batteries with the really exceptional CCA ratings and just go for one with a moderate rating in hopes that its plates are a bit more solid and robust.

Or you could go for a gel cell which has plates rolled up around a layer of material so they’re basically impervious to vibration. But those are expensive.

So what you’re saying is that no matter what 60A battery i will buy they all do the job…

I wouldn’t risk a 60AH battery - you need a 70AH+ & 700 CCA battery - this is a relatively old 12 cylinder engine with a decent compression ratio, a massive crankshaft, a torque converter & a low efficiency starter motor that weighs a tonne.