5.7L vs LS swap

(Adam Thompson) #1

Hello, I’m having some thought on putting a V8 in my 86 jag. I found a 2000 chevy van with a 5.7L in it that I could use as a donor car. I guess my question is if you were going to lump your Jag would you consider the older 5.7 or hunt for a more modern LS?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2

Seems like a good or better option. Over a decade ago, I made a similar choice. L98 or Lt1. I chose the latter. A huge step for my skills. But, an adventure that worked out great. I still enjoy it.

The LS is a step forward. Were I 15 years younger, I would do an LS swap. Intriguing.

Caveat. the Van engine is OK, but the intake is too tall. A work around is possible.

Read jaguar-specialties web page. Andrew has all the stuff and know how for the LS swap.

A good guy as well.


(Adam Thompson) #3

You make some great points Carl. Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll hunt for a LS donor car.

(Gerald Ireland) #4

Also avoid anything with cylinder deactivation,was problematic in some of the GM pickups.

Regards Gerry 62 E type Ots.