5 Speed Boxes for 150

Just starting to do some due diligence re 5 speed boxes, for my 150 ots
There seems to be four manufacturers out there Getrag2, and Broadsport 5 Speed from Guy Broad, Borg warner T5 from XK’s Unlim.,and the Cosworth MT75.from SNG and Welsh.
I would really like some feedback from owner with likes and dislikes and any issues they have, or had.
Thanks Morris Barnett

Morris, I just purchased a T5 from Classic Jags (CJs) in Texas for my Xk140 and it arrived last week. Everything looks beautiful. This is a very much used and tested setup from an experienced vendor. After looking around, this is what I decided to use. Don

I got the Broadsport 5 speed in my XK120, its a rather easy installation. With the XK120 it takes a little welding in the frame, I dont think that is necessary on the XK150.
It runs good, shifts well and keeps the rpm down at the highway. Only disadvantages is the speedometer dont show correct, but thats an easy fix. There is also its a small noice sometimes when pressing the clutch down, but that seems to be lesser the more I drive the car.


Why do you want one?

Thanks for your input, so that is a Borg Warner i believe. May i ask what was the cost, XK’ have it at $6995 and that includes the prop shaft. I am faced with a 38% exchange rate and a possible 12% import then there’s shipping for another $300. Total for me would be close to $12 k canadian dollars. Big bummer being Canadian

Where in Canada can you drive fast enough to justify a 5-speed?


The wide open prairies, where else!

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I used the jaguar xj6 5 sp box ,series 3 ,bolted straight in , gearstick is in a great position ,cost me £950 with a new clutch kit.

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Which bell housing did you use when installing the 5 speed xj6 box?

See the following for a good review of transmission upgrades for the E-type.



I installed a Welsh Cosworth unit in my XK140 three years ago. It’s an easy fit as it was designed for no rear mount, unlike the 120 units and conversion boxes. It took about 8 hours for my mechanic to remove and install the new box. It fits the bellhousing with no plates or any mods but uses a different 10 inch disk. Very smooth and quiet. I would recommend these highly.

About 6 years ago I installed a Toyota Supra 5 speed box in my XK 150 FHC. I found a used Supra gearbox at around DKK. 3000,- (USD 450,-) A conversion kit from Realm Engineering in UK at around DKK 4000,- (USD 550,-) Then you only need to have your prop. Shaft altered to fit the box. I Got the Toyota prop. Shaft with the gearbox and had the front end of this mounted to my Jag. Prop. Shaft.

You shall have a Supra box from one of the earlier Supra’s from the eigthies. It fits fine and the gear shift is correct positioned to fit in the XK gearbox cover. I Can find you the model of the gearbox if you want that.

My XK 150 Was without O/D and that means it have a higher Rear axle ratio than O/D cars. At 3000 rpm. It Will Do around 125 - 130 km/h. I am very satisfied with this gearbox.

Chris it bolts straight up,you must find one with the prefix number starting 20a as that is the one which was uprated for the jaguar ,u need to have the prop cut,
I would be interested in the supra conversion as the jaguar boxes are very rare.

Following is an extract from Jaguar XK DIY & Maintenance :

The choice of gear box was independently endorsed in the middle of May 2015 when six XK’s gathered at Jaguars Fen End test track to do a ‘back to back’ test; five with assorted five speed gearboxes and one car with original Moss box with overdrive. I had intended to take the 120 but due to a forecast of continual and heavy rain for both days of the trip, and as it still had no hood I chickened out and took the 140 fixed head.
The test was organised by Jaguar Drivers Club XK Correspondent Roger Learmonth with assistance, co-operation and wonderful hospitality from Jaguar Heritage. It was a truly splendid day; not even the correctly forecast constant heavy rain putting a damper on the proceedings. The gear boxes on test were: Classic Jaguar Tremec T5, Getrag, Toyota Supra, Broad MT75 and a UK reconditioned version of the Tremec T5. Disregarding the gearbox comparison test, this was an unbelievable opportunity to drive other XK’s on the same stretch of road on the same day. The general consensus, including comments from the Heritage guys who participated was that my 140 fixed head was one of best XK’s they’d ever driven, very satisfying, also that the Classic Jaguar T5 box was exceptional. Alas the UK reconditioned T5 was a bit of a disaster with a couple of drivers actually preferring the original Moss box in spite of its lack of synchromesh. Easy to see from this how reputations can quickly be made and lost. The Getrag, Broad MT75 and Toyota Supra were also judged to be excellent with very little between them and the lovely fluid shift of the Toyota box was especially liked.

The days activities were written up in detail in the Jaguar Driver Magazine by XK Correspondent Roger Learmonth. I have a scanned copy which I can email if you would find it helpful.

I would appreciate a copy of the gearbox review.
send to barnettm@telus.net Thanks.

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Even here on the Prairies, wide open is only the view, not the throttle position LOL. That said, the average speeds on the relatively few 4-lane divided highways around here seem to be increasing. On my commute into Saskatoon, the average is now over 120 kph (>75 mph). So, yes, overdrive (or a 5-speed) is very useful.

But Morris is on Vancouver Island !!

Dave Q.

No worries here on beautiful Van Isl, we also are blessed with 120 kph,roads, probably a little smaller in length than the Prairies though.
Morris B.

In the process of restoring XK 150 OTS. Project has at a stand still with I indecision as what to do for transmission. The car has the old BorgWarner Auto which I had rebuilt but really have second though about staying with auto. Have an estimate from Welsh for $9000.00 for conversion to 5 speed. This include new bell housing with core. Second pedal. The prop shaft will need to be reworked.
Is it worth the cost to do the conversion?
Has anyone out there done this? I think most of 72 XK 150 OTS with autos have converted since only 7 show up on registers. Thanks

Do you know how rare your OTS is? Jaguar only built 72 of them. I own one of the seven remaining. IMHO converting to a manual will greatly reduce its value. Please post the year and serial number.

Chassis - 831222 BW
Engine - V5207-8
Have a good history of the car - I’m third owner.
The car was taken apart 30+ years ago. The project was started with I of replacing the transmission that turned into restoration that came to stop due to a divorce. I have had the car since 2010 when it was removed from a barn completely disassembled. It been a change since I didn’t take the car apart.
I also have a spread sheet with the no.s of the seven remaining.