Well, I HAVE THE XK KIT IN MY RED 66,Its fine but now xk wants 7,500 without everything?
Guy Broad kit the speedo drive is still not perfect.
The driven man says everything IS PERFECT?
Any thoughts.……Im putting a 5 speed, but which one?

Quaife Engineering


Wouldnt that high 1st gear make a 3.07 a weee bit tall?

Other, looks like a nice ‘box.

The kit is almost 10 grand without vat and shipping…Ive never heard of them?
The money isn’t the big issue but the feedback is, I know the t5 in and out.
This driven man thing has been interesting.
Anyone have it?

The Synchro box is 2.933 right? It’s pretty close to that.

Ah… I misremembered it being 3.19.

However, wasnt that with a 3:54 final drive?

It would be yes, but plenty of people continue to use it after switching to a 3.07. I haven’t heard any complaints. Some have said that using a 2.88 rear is a little tall.

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The 5 speed that I’m interested in, is from Historic Motor sports in the UK. It looks great and is £3250 with the stock 0.63 fifth gear ratio or £3450 with the 0.8 fifth gear ratio. So that’s going to be around $5000 with shipping. In fact it looks very similar to one in the latest Moss Motors catalog costing $7600.

Does anyone have any experience with the one from Historic Motor Sports? I’d be very interested in any feedback, because I’m very tempted to buy one.


Thanks Andy 69 FHC

I see where they have an upcharge for a propshaft and gear selector relocation kit. Are either required for the install? I don’t see where they mention that.

This bit seems odd to me. Do the other t5 kits require an adapter? I though most modified the bellhousing for a direct bolt up. How would it work, bolt the adapter to the box and the bellhousing to the adapter? I wonder how thick the plate is and how strong it would be, and what that shift backward does to the lever position?

Well xk’s now says you have to cut the shaft
I didn’t install mine in the 66 so I don’t know
The driven man is a direct bolt in so far
I like the stock clutch and throw out bearing as well it makes it a lot simpler
These are great times…
Until something breaks

Right but the earlier box had closer ratios with a 2.68 1st gear

Judging by address that is the Elite kit/Beagle Engineering effort I think identical to WatJag and very similar to Paul C’s no longer made kit (except it’s vastly inferior if you ask him of course). I would check on propshaft and custom box mount. My Elite needs both. All T5s are wide at front and may need tunnel relieving. Guy Broad does not and was a group buy here 2 yrs ago.

2.97:1 is about standard for first and does not include diff of course.

Pete, how was the Guy Broad set up, are you happy and what are you at with rpm at 50/70 and 90?

You’re referring to the one Andy linked to correct, and not the Quaife box?

Andy, you got me going, I’m getting all the details on that box as well.
Its another supposed bolt in.
I DO NOT WANT TO CUT the tunnel or weld in cross members.
I will give them a chance as well.

Have the money burning a hole in my pocket for a 5 speed but don’t know which one also? Last I heard the Driven Man had some problems with part quality and stopped shipping. Maybe resolved by now.
Don’t have any feedback on the Historic Motorsport box.
Need a box now!!

I feel your pain mellow…we shall know soon.

classic jag has 5 speed that fits and I think standard drive shaft will fit. I have earlier version made by tremec. Great transmission.
dave c

It looked well made, I left the cross member as-is and the customer seemed happy. Cheap on a group buy with the propshaft.

I just received a rather nice catalog from Moss (XKs Unlimited) in this morning’s mail. They list a five speed transmission conversion kit for $7,560 for the 4.2 OTS and FHC and a bit more for the 2+2. The 3.8 conversion is about the same and the V12 is about $2,200 more. They are based on the Tremec T-5 and require a driveshaft modification. No mention in the catalogue of any other modifications.